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New chicks for our Chicken Project

The time has come again to buy more chicks for our thriving Chicken Project!

In March, our team went to Nakuru to collect 220 new chicks for our Chicken Project. Our current hens are doing well, but will stop laying in the summer. This meant we needed to buy new chicks in good time so that they could grow and be ready to start laying in August. We will then be able to sell the older hens for meat, and get a great price for them. This photo is the chicks after they have been with us a couple of months!

We are so pleased that this project has now become self-sufficient. It has taken a couple of years for us to learn how many chicks to buy and how best to look after and raise them, and thanks to the hard work of our team the project is now in a really healthy place. We are selling eggs in Turi Village and to St Andrew's staff, and the sales are going very well!

Our Facilities Manager, Michael, oversees the chicken project and is teaching the children how to look after them. Recently the chicks had their vaccinations and the children were able to help with this, which is great experience for them as it is equipping them to be able to keep chickens themselves.

The photo above is the chicks at 2 months, but there are photos of them arriving and the children starting to care for them in our Gallery.

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