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TCP turns 11 years old!

Dear all, We hope this finds you well. Yesterday marked 11 years since the start of TCP! Whilst we haven't celebrated yet, the children are working hard to prepare some songs and performances for a belated birthday celebration next Friday.

We are excited that students from Elizabeth College in Guernsey will arrive this Sunday and will have a week working at TCP and in other projects and schools nearby. They will aim to complete the building project they began in June (I'll send photos soon!) and finish the week with a birthday celebration at Turi Children's Project. We're so grateful for their many years of faithful service and generous giving to the project.

These lovely children are showing off their new uniforms that they wear each day to school. Thanks to a donation at St Andrew's Prep recently, we have raised 54,000ksh, which will go a long way to providing many of our TCP kids with new uniforms. We hope to be able to provide every TCP child with shoes and / or new uniform over time. Again, I hope so send a photo very soon with students in their new uniforms.

Here are some of the children showing clothes that were donated to them recently, again by students at St. Andrew's School. These children have very humble backgrounds and receiving a gift is very rare. We hope that through their time at TCP, we can show love and support to their families, so that they have a chance of a good education and hope for the future.

Thanks so much to all of our supporters. We have been able to welcome some new members to the TCP community recently with the start of the new school year. This will be such a blessing to these underprivileged families.

If you would be interested in supporting us regularly, please do get in touch. With every blessing,

Rachel and all the TCP volunteers

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