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New year and new projects at TCP

Happy New Year to all our supporters! We really hope that you had a good Christmas and that you managed to welcome in 2022 with fun and a heart full of joy.

At Turi Children's Project, we have enjoyed some time of rest, with the project closing its doors from 21st December to 10th January. We hope that this will have given the volunteers a good rest and a chance to get excited about all that 2022 will involve for them at TCP. I wanted to take this chance to let you know about some big projects that we have for TCP in the coming weeks and months. There are quite a number of expensive financial issues, so if you are able to give financially to support our development projects, we would be very grateful. Also, we would love to have more donors who are committed to regular giving. Regular giving enables us to plan better throughout the year so that we can predict when we will be able to finance large projects.

Project 1 - restoration of the roof in various areas and restoration of the wood store. There are a number of holes that are leading to puddles / rivers of water in the rainy season and also rotting wood in various places. This is quite a big job but it is incredibly imoortant work to ensure the safety of the building and the children. It is important that we get work started on this ASAP.

Project 2 - new computers for the TCP computer suite. This has been delayed but our wonderful volunteer Martha, who teaches computing at TCP, is keen to get started with more pupils soon so we hope to get this sorted soon too.

Project 3 - a new play area. As you will see in photos on our 2021 photos on the gallery page (click here), the play area is incredibly tired and dangerous. We are looking to get a new one built soon. Unfortunately we were given a quote that was far too much, which is why there is a delay on the work here. Again, we hope to get started on this work in the coming months.

Thank you for any support you can give us as we look forward to 2022. Do get in touch with us at if you would like to hear any more about our work and our plans for this year. Wishing you a wonderful and blessed year ahead, Rachel, Miriam, James and the TCP team

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