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Prizegiving Day at Turi Children's Project

With the St Andrew's summer holidays approaching, they brought with them our annual prizegiving day.

Every June, we hold a prizegiving day to celebrate and acknowledge the progress our children have made in their different classes. At the beginning of June they had a test in each class, set by our team, and then on June 25th we held our prizegiving day. Although the children usually come in two groups of 60, on this day they all came together and we had a party! There was time for some games first, and then the children all gathered together for the prizegiving.

We gave out 50 certificates to mark the success of the children, in classes such as tailoring, knitting, computer skills and carpentry. Some children even received more than one certificate and they were so thrilled with them.

We were grateful that a group of children from St Andrew's were able to come down and join us, playing with the children and celebrating as the certificates were given out. Afterwards the children enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by our team. We had a wonderful time, and it is such a pleasure to see the children so full of joy with their certificates. For more photos of our day, have a browse on our Gallery page.

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