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September TCP update

Hi all, Greetings from Turi! I'm aware that those who are the UK are currently experiencing very high temperatures after disappointing weather in July and August. We hope you're managing to enjoy it despite its challenges with work and schools back in full business. The weather here is rather mixed. Do have a look at this video, which shows TCP yesterday afternoon. The children had a great time eating their meal and then dancing in the hall. It does, however, have a huge impact on what we are able to do with the children. Many of the TCP children have a long walk home after and so we will have to cut short activity time to help them get home before the rain starts. As you can see in the video, the volume of noise created by rain and hail on the metal roof makes it difficult to achieve much when it's raining, but we're grateful to keep warm and dry under the roof that was fixed last year. When the children did finally leave yesterday evening, the road was flooded with rivers and waterfalls had appeared from nowhere. Quite a drama!

Term 3 began for the pupils here two weeks ago. After a two week holiday in August, the children are happy to be back in school, with them working towards exams at the end of this term. We are so thankful that these children as still able to receive a good meal in a loving, supportive environment at TCP, thanks to our supporters' generosity. Here's a picture of some of the happy TCP children who recently received a donation of clothes:

With mixed emotions, I introduce to you a little 1 month old girl named Lauleria Queen. Her mother is one of our TCP girls, who is 14 years old, in Class 4. The baby girl is very beautiful and is doing well and her mother seems to be doing ok. The family don't have much, but are doing their best to look after little Lauleria. We hope that the girl will be able to go back to school in January, to continue her education as she still is yet to complete primary school.

Thanks again for your continued support. Your emails, donations, gifts and encouragement help us to keep helping these young people and help us to keep striving to offer them all hope and a positive future. Warm regards, Rachel and the TCP team

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