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Solar panels at TCP!

At TCP we have had showers in the grounds since the project opened. Up until now though, the showers have been cold and the children have, therefore been very reluctant to use them.

In Turi, which is up in upcountry Kenya, at 8000 feet, the weather can be very cold and at night, the temperature drops regularly to under 10oC.

For a while, we have wanted to provide hot showers for the children, but it has been difficult to prioritise as it is such a large expense. Thanks to a generous donation by families from Sherborne School in Dorset, England, we have recently been able to install solar panels, which will make such a difference to the children's hygiene, cleanliness and comfort at TCP.

We're so pleased with how professional they look and are incredibly grateful to all at Sherborne School for their generosity.

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