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Tracy Spragg takes on Turi's high altitudes

We are delighted to let you all know that Tracy Spragg's marathon on 20th July raised a phenomenal 140,000 ksh (£1000) for TCP. We are truly grateful to Tracy and inspired by her efforts both in running and fundraising. She ran the marathon in 5 hours 9 minutes, around St Andrew's School, which is at at an altitude of 2500m above sea level, with many hills on the course around the campus.

She found the last 8 kilometres incredibly tough but is thankful to have had an enthusiastic group of friends and family cheering on to help her to the finish line.

Many of the staff and children who work or go to school at St Andrew's comment on how gruelling cross country running is at that altitude (the village is higher than Iten, where many of the great East African long distance runners are known to train) so she deserves huge congratulations for her diligence and perseverance. The fundraising has raised enough for three more food collection days, which is fantastic news given that TCP will not be able to re-open until January.

On behalf of Tracy we would like to thank all those who supported

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