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Turi Children's Project turns 6!

Another year, another weekend of fun birthday celebrations.

In February, we celebrated our 6th birthday! We were so glad that our Life President John could be with us again for such a big day. We celebrated with a party for all the children, and pupils from St Andrew's Prep School came down to join the celebrations and serve the cake.

Our birthday celebrations also included an Exhibition Day, for parents and local church leaders. This was a very interactive event, as we had live demonstrations of all the different skills the children are learning each week at TCP. These included sewing, knitting, woodwork and beading, and the children did a wonderful job of showing what they have learnt. Parents were also able to see how the children are learning to care for our chickens, and the functioning Sherborne Centre which was opened last year.

Over refreshments afterwards, several parents commented on how much they had enjoyed seeing their children developing and using these skills. It was a really special day, as many of these parents will not have learnt these vocational skills themselves, and we felt so proud of the children's hard work.

If you have any questions about the skills we teach the children, why not get in touch with us on our Support page. There are lots of photos of our Exhibition Day and the children's demonstrations over in our Gallery.

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