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Year 5 students show us around Turi Children's Project!

This term's Love In Action chapel was filmed by the Year 5s at St Andrew's School. Their smiles, energy and enthusiasm to encourage people to support TCP are truly inspiring. We had such fun making this video and hope you love watching it! TCP also turned 9 on 4th February. We enjoyed singing, dancing, sharing God's word and eating cake to celebrate all that has happened at Turi Children's Project over the past 9 years. The new children made handprints on kikoi material, which now hangs in our main hall. It was a wonderful celebration and strange to think that the project is now older than some of the children who attend.

We hope to begin work on our new play area soon and the repairs on the roof. We continue to ask that if you can consider giving to our project, do get in touch as we have some concerns about our finances this side. Rachel hopes to run a mile each hour for 26 hours (totalling a marathon in a day) to raise more money for the project and will be in touch about this with a date soon. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and do keep in touch, Rachel, Miriam, James and the wonderful TCP volunteers

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